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Ballet Folklorico is an embrace of folkloric and religious celebrations from Bahia in the northeast of Brazil. Exploring traditional rituals through dance, along with movement and ancient carnival traditions from Bahia, are at the heart of Ballet Folklorico classes, which are a fusion of afro Brazilian, afro contemporary dance and Orixá work.

This unique class is a mixture of exercises from Fabiana’s diverse dance experience. Dancing to exhilarating beats, this class combines exercises structured from contemporary dance, African dance and samba reggae. Afro Brazilian classes improves endurance, strengthens the core, and tones your arms and legs.

A great workshop for those with a previous dance experience. This class blends organic and technical movements while incorporating elements of Afro Brazilian, Contemporary dance and Ballet. Dancers will explore rhythm and shapes through structured exercises encouraging the dancer to improvise and transform rhythm into movement.

Drawn from the Yorubá culture, Orixa’s are deities representing various and diverse symbols, elements and emotions. Orixa work focusses on the specific dance foundations of each Orixá, being inspired by the beauty of its ritualistic symbols while learning it’s history. This is art at its’ core!


Ballet Folklorico classes  are held every Thursday night at

444 High street, Preston